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April 23rd, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Best of Treasure Valley – Vote Now!

Telaya has been nominated for Best Local Winery in the Idaho Statesman Best of the Treasure Valley 2014!

Visit this link to vote for your favorite restaurants, wineries, parks, and so much more!

We are so lucky to work with many of these wonderful businesses: ForkCafe VicinoMai Thai, Gino’s, BarbacoaBodovinoThe Riverside HotelIdaho StampedeR Grey GalleryBoise CoOpWhole FoodsSavor Idaho, and so many others that were nominated. If you want to learn any more about the wonderful businesses on this list, just click on their name and a new page will open to their website. Some of these restaurants are award winning and have James Beard Nominated Chefs! We are so lucky to live in such a dynamic and beautiful place. Let’s all vote for the best local businesses that we have! We can’t wait to find out who wins in all of the categories of the Best of the Treasure Valley. Let us know what some of your favorites are.


April 8th, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Idaho Wines – Not Made with Potatoes!

Idaho is a great state to make wine. Lots of people joke that we must make our wine out of potatoes… we don’t. We make beautiful wines out of grapes. From the vineyard and into the winery, wines made in Idaho are gaining recognition. At the Great Northwest Wine Competition last week, there were several Idaho wineries included and many medalists from Idaho. Out of the over 900 wine entries, 3 were from Telaya.

Telaya submitted 3 wines, and received 3 silver medals. We are so excited to be recognized by Great Northwest Wines, and glad to see that Idaho overall received some great reviews. The full results of the competition should be published soon. Keep an eye on the Great Northwest Wine website to stay up to date.

If you don’t believe the Idaho Wine Industry is well on its way to becoming as famous as our potatoes, check out this short video… maybe it will change your mind!


April 3rd, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Spring in the Vineyard

We get a lot of people that ask us, “What is going on in the vineyard?” Throughout the year the answer changes and during winter we usually answer, “Not a whole lot…”

Between February and April, depending on how harsh the winter is and what the weather for spring might be like in a particular area, pruning begins. All of the vineyards we work with hand prune. This means a fairly sizeable group of people (15-50 depending on the size of the vineyard) go out into a vineyard and cut off last years shoots. They space out the shoots that they leave, and cut them off at only a few inches in length.

Different varietals have different pruning needs. Some of the shoots need to be left longer, some need to be shorter. Some varietals have suckers that grow from the root system that are typically cut near the base every year. Certain varietals have different thresh holds for weather and freezing, and so need to be pruned at different times.

The next thing to look for in the vineyard is woolly buds. The buds start to look like they have wool growing on them and this means they are getting ready to wake up and start making beautiful fruit! Let us know if you’re in the vineyard, and what you are seeing.

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March 28th, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Edible Idaho South – Spring 2014

Have you gotten your copy of Edible Idaho South? There are some true nuggets in the Spring 2014 issue.

A six page spread in State & Lemp; Guy Hand wrote the piece and took the photos. The two page montage is worthy of framing and hanging on any aspiring chefs kitchen wall. The story is a great one about following a dream, and doing what you enjoy. We are so glad we get to work with such passionate and fun people.

Flip a couple of pages further and there is a great story, This Thing We Do: 44th Street Winery. We were happy to talk about the great people that come together in the space we call home and make and share wonderful wine.

Just another couple of pages leads you to the Craft Cocktail Conundrum. Several of our favorite bar tenders and drink mixers from Boise are mentioned in this article, especially Michael Reed of Mai Thai and Cameron Lumsden of Fork. We are again, so lucky to work with people that are so passionate about what they do and bringing people the highest quality, hand crafted product possible.

Check out the virtual edition of Edible Idaho South, to make sure you’re not missing a thing about great cuisine in Idaho.


March 18th, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Oak Barrels and What They Do

New vs. Used, French vs. American, and some other tidbits about barrels that you might not have known.

French vs. American Oak

In the wine world, the terms “French oak” and “American Oak” are used quite often.  These unique types of oak are referring to the barrels in which is aged.  Wine barrels are made from white oak trees, most popularly the French oak – Quercus robur – and the American oak – Quecus alba.  Both of these are white oaks with very different flavor profiles and grain structure.

When wine is aged in oak, it ‘soaks up’ flavor from the barrels.  American oak is known to give off vanilla, caramel, and sometimes coconut. French oak is known to give off more subtle and spicy flavors – our favorite ones give off some bacon and salami aromas in our wines. These differences in flavor and aroma additions may be caused by the difference in grain between the French and American oak or perhaps by the seasoning process.

When a tree is harvested for wine barrels it is cut into staves and then put outside to season for at least a year. Just letting the air and weather hit the wood with all the elements possible. Choosing between French and American oak can be because of the flavor and aroma compounds that are added to the wine, but  cost may also be a factor. An American oak barrel generally runs somewhere around $600 while the French oak barrels are around $1300.

The Difference between New and Used Barrels

Many people are surprised to find out barrels can be used through many vintages before they turn into someone’s pot holder or furniture.  Why?  Think of chewing gum.  The first bite of gum produces strong, robust flavors, but each subsequent bite brings less and less flavor until the gum has almost no flavor at all.

The same concept applies to wine barrels, a new oak barrel will deliver a much stronger flavor than a used oak barrel.  Because of this, winemakers are continually striving to find the perfect balance of new and used oak, and that ‘perfect balance’ is determined by the winemaker, their style, and the profile they’re going for. It’s not uncommon for a wine to spend half of the time in new oak and half in used oak, or all of its time in one or the other. Ultimately, both new barrels and used barrels are very important to the winemaking process.

New Oak or used, French or American, the Oak chosen is dependent upon the winemaker’s preference and the profile they want their wine to have. Outstanding wine can be produced in both French Oak and American Oak Barrels. At Telaya we use 100% French oak because stylistically we want to produce dynamic wines, and French Oak enables more fruit flavors to come out in the wine with more of those brooding spice notes to come out in the aromas. We also use a balance of new and used oak to impart the different flavors that will come through by using a combination of new and used oak. Then in the blending process the fruit and spice come together to create great wines.

Barrel Room


March 12th, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Spring Release – 2014

This past weekend, we had a beautiful Spring Release party and are so glad that many of our club members could make it. Thank you to those of you who came, and hopefully those who couldn’t will be able to attend next time.

We had so much fun creating “la playa” for all of our guests. As most of you know, the name Telaya comes from a combination of the words Tetons – for the Grand Tetons mountain range – and playa – which is Spanish for beach. Both of these places  are areas of contentment, enjoyment, and relaxation. Our hope with this party was to create that calm, but fun, environment for all of those attending.

As always, we had a little surprise. We hope everyone enjoyed the hula and felt like they were on a mini-vacation!

Aumau Hula


March 5th, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Telaya in Sunset

Beautiful places, unforgettable experiences, and unique ideas are what make Sunset Magazine such a great publication. Whenever we open a Sunset we are greeted with new twists on old recipes, and great starting points for projects around the house, but the real reason we love Sunset is for their travel ideas. Even when visiting a city we have traveled to countless times, there is always a new restaurant to try, an interesting museum we didn’t know existed, or a whole new way to look at its history.

Boise was featured in the latest version of Sunset and there were some great ideas for what to do around Boise! We even learned a few things about our favorite local haunts. We were also lucky enough to be one of the featured businesses to visit while in Boise. We are located near downtown and offer tastings and tours on Fridays and Saturdays 12:00-6:00, or by appointment throughout the week. We consider ourselves an urban winery, offering all of the romance of a small lot winery in the heart of Boise.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the latest version of Sunset Magazine, check it out!

Barrel Room Sunset Magazine










Come into the tasting room to see the article in the magazine.



February 22nd, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Congratulations Chef Richard!

Idahoans know that we have some great chefs in the state. Recently we have seen a shift in using more local ingredients in our restaurant scene and are glad to see so much flavor and value added to our menus. The rest of the restaurant world will be hearing more and more about our Idaho culinary scene because we have a new James Beard Nominated Chef!

Richard Langston is the owner and chef at Cafe Vicino in Boise. His dishes are extremely well crafted and presented beautifully. Do you enjoy wine with your dinner? No problem. His wine list is extensive and includes many local labels that are paired expertly by Richard and his staff.

We are lucky in the Gem state to have several other James Beard Nominated Chefs; Gary Kucy of Rupert’s in McCall and Taite Pearson of della MANO in Ketchum. We are even more lucky at Telaya to be able to work with several of these chefs and many other fabulous chefs and restaurants.

Cafe Vicino

Cafe Vicino








You can find Telaya on the list at Cafe Vicino and Ruperts. Read more about Idaho Beard Nominees at Edible Idaho South and Boise Weekly.


January 27th, 2014 by Telaya Wine Co.

Our New Year’s Goal

We have many goals at Telaya. Our goals are always shifting, changing, and evolving. With the new year, we have had lots of discussion about our goals. Our number one goal for this year is to offer unique experiences that introduce, or deepen a person’s experience with great wine.

Earl, Carrie, and Hailey have all had distinct and sometimes unusual introductions to wine making and exceptional experiences with great wines that have deepened our relationship, understanding, and appreciation of that elusive drink. Whether working on a vineyard in Italy or enjoying a perfectly executed meal in Mexico, we want to recreate and share some of these awe-inspiring events we have been lucky to be part of.

To start the year off right, we hosted a great night at State & Lemp within the first month. Great company, great food, and great wine collided that night to create a truly wonderful experience for the people that attended as well as those of us that helped to host it. We wanted to let you know that we are planning many other events for this year to be as successful in deepening your relationship, understanding, and appreciation of wine and we can’t wait to share that with you.

Happy New Year!

Dinner at State & Lemp


October 16th, 2013 by Telaya Wine Co.

Harvest to Holidays

We enjoy the slow start to fall. But we know that the holidays are soon to follow. With holidays come celebrations! We LOVE celebrations! And we love to help people celebrate.

Did you know that the Telaya Tasting Room and Winery are available for holiday parties! Our wine club members receive special pricing on renting the space. And depending on what kind of a party you would like to host we have different pricing options. Whether you want to throw a huge shindig for a 50th wedding anniversary, or a more private thank you to clients, we can help you plan and execute a wonderful event.

Please contact Hailey if you have any questions about reserving space. 208-949-6613