Nicole Schmitt

Wine Amassador

Born and raised in Southern California, Nicole developed her passions at a young age for cooking delicious food, creating genuine human connections, and the allure of how wine truly just brings people together like it did with her and her family!

While working towards getting a degree in Child Development, Nicole also dabbled in a variety of jobs that helped spark her love for people and hospitality. One of those jobs was working for an eclectic family owned winery in the beautiful rolling hills of Malibu where her true passion for wine and viticulture started.

In 2022, Nicole, her fiancé Ellis, and their 2 giant dogs left the familiarity of SoCal behind, and embarked on a new adventure in Boise, Idaho together. In the heart of Boise, they discovered a welcoming community that embraced both of their hobbies and passions. Telaya was one of the very first gems she discovered while exploring the city and it made an everlasting impression on her.

A year later, Nicole has joined the Telaya family. She is looking forward continuing making genuine human connections and deepening her knowledge of wine.