Telaya Appetizer Platter

Wine Pairing Recipe

Wild Plum Events suggests pairing with Turas 2016

This wine is very versatile and adaptable. If you’re bringing this to an event or having over some friends I’d recommend putting together a nice meat/cheese/antipasti spread. Pick out a few nice cheese and some nice
prosciutto or salami. Most places also have an antipasti bar where you can get some tapenades, olives and pickled veggies. Use your imagination. Below is a checklist of about how much food you’ll need for the size of your group and some suggestions for add ons. Build what you like and enjoy!

• Cheese. You’ll want a little more than 1 ounce of cheese for every person
• Salami/cured meat. You’ll want about 1 ounce of salami per person
• Fresh fruit. About an ounce and a half of nice fruit per person will work great. If you can’t find nice fresh fruits you like, dry fruit works great too. You’ll need about half as much dry fruit by weight as you would for fresh.
• Fresh veggies. Look for veggies that are nice raw like carrots, radishes and cucumbers. You’ll want around an ounce per person. Possibly more if you go heavy with dips or hummus.
• Olives. Olives with pits tend to have the best flavor. I recommend about half ounce of olives per person.
• Pickles/pickled veggies. About half ounce of pickles per person should be plenty.
• Toasted nuts. Always a popular snack, aim for about an ounce per person with a nice nut mix.
• Bread & crackers. I always like both. A standard loaf of bread or box of crackers should comfortably serve about 15-20 guests.

These are not must haves for a meat and cheese plate but always make nice additions.
• Olive tapenade
• Hummus
• Marinated roast peppers
• Mustard or horseradish
• Fruit jelly
• Fresh pesto
• Fresh salsas