Columbia Bank – Pass it on Project


Columbia Bank is paying the bill! They’re paying it forward! Through the Pass It On Project, we’re paying the bill so small businesses can provide their services to those in need.

Many people have multiple careers over a lifetime. Few people embody that as well as Earl and Carrie Sullivan, owners of Telaya Wine Co. in Boise. Before breaking into the world of wine, Earl was the COO of a pharmaceutical company and Carrie was a veterinarian. While they were both successful in their own fields, they weren’t happy with how much time they had to spend away from their family because of work. So they decided to take a leap of faith, pursue their passion and start a winery.

Earl and Carrie raised their children on the values of integrity, hard work, accountability and perseverance. They’ve applied those same principles to how they run their business, which is why they started their Sip to Give program. Through this initiative, on the first Friday of each month, 10% of all sales go to a local charity chosen by Telaya’s employees.

Like many businesses across the nation, Telaya had to shut down operations when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Having opened the winery during the 2008 recession, Earl and Carrie are familiar with adversity. And while they were able to pivot to curbside service and expand their outdoor seating, they credit much of their success during these difficult times to the Boise community’s enthusiastic support of local businesses.

Telaya Wine Co. started working with Columbia Bank at the beginning of the pandemic because Earl and Carrie recognized the emphasis the bank places on supporting small businesses. Similarly, when Columbia Bank heard about the Sip to Give program, they knew they’d found the perfect partner for the Pass It On Project. So, with Columbia Bank picking up the bill, Telaya Wine Co. will open a pop-up restaurant on its property to host a dinner from which all proceeds will go to the Women and Children’s Alliance. In Earl and Carrie’s eyes, this is their way to assist women and children suffering from abuse, who need more help than ever.